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Such a long road..

wow..what a night

Lastnight was insane.. Id rather not share much of what happend but it was really uncalled for... 

Sometimes i wonder why people act the way they do and why after all these years some things just never change. I know I did the right thing and I don't feel bad one bit. 

we're supposed to go to the Casino tonight.. but we'll see. everytime im excited about something its always lame.. It's always when you least expect it is when the fun creeps in.. Well i'm outta. Gotta do some things.

Seriously. What a day!

Ohhhhh I need to rant big time. I have been busting my ass in school and work and i swear i can never get caught up! I always feel like I am under water and can't seem to get ahead. I keep kicking, and kicking but no air. Blah. What a day. I came into work today and I havent stoped since I've been here. Well, except for now of course. I'm answering the phones til 7:30 and the Bengals game starts at 8:00. Im seriously gonna have to high tail it down to my car tonight. I hate walking downtown at night. Not the most crime free city. But anyway back to my point about ranting. I walk in and am givin a lame as job right away as usual and the moment I was finished I get assigned on some deliveries.. 3
That's fine and all but not my job on the task sheet. For some reason we've been really short on clerks lately. But anywho, I have been none stop all day.. getting deliveries.. Picking up Attorneys suits and putting them in their cars.. It's just amazing to me how some people are so imcompatent and LAZY. Okay here it comes.... So there is this one attorney who has one of us get his lunch everyday. He would like soup ( EXCEPT: french, tomato, any chicken ect.) a piece of fruit: (apple, pear, orange only) and a Glass of ice with a Pepsi. Come on now peple. what has this world come to!? It's just insane to me to see how some people act. Now don't get me wrong the soup and fruit guy is awesom but is just the principle of it all. But okay, back on track here.. My whole point is that i bust my ass and some of these assholes who are related to big shots don't do shit. and that my friends drives me crazy. nuts. insane. Yeah ya know ill give the benifit of the doubt that sometimes it's not what you know it's who you know. But i dunno I was just really really upset b/c i feel like i get taken advantage of and they don't care less if you stay or go. so thats my rant and it's about time for me to hit the road jack. and put on my jersey, and grab a beer. WHO DEY baby. Thank god. its been one hell of a week and i don't have anything to do tomrrow! yay. and p.s.  Goin to the casio tomorrow night. Wish me luck! <3 Me 

Wow it's been a long time..

I've decided to start writing on this again.. the last time i was on here was in 2003.. Holy shit that is crazy..! I read some previous entries and about died.. how much do you grow up in 3 years..? Thats insane. So much has changed. Im on my way to being a grown up with a real job and a whole different outlook on life, love and opportunity ... I have some amazing friends that I would die without and wonder what i seriously did without them.

Im working two jobs and bustin' my ass in court reporting school.. who in the world would ever thought that I would be in court reporting school? Def. not me. I work in a prestigious law firm downtown and love it. .. I finally got a new car that i utterly adore and I FINALLY realized that Matt McCarren was not the love of my life or the man I was gonna marry.. haha. It's amazing when you look back. I know 3 years doesnt seem that long but damn.. A lot has changed. I love life more than ever and I couldn't ask for anything else right now.. well except to be done with school.. But that will come. Other than that, that is whats new with me.. Ill keep ya posted! <3 me.



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